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Each child has his or her own motivations and talents, which he or she develops at his or her own pace and in a way that is different from others.
A child who does not show interest in language, for example, might have great ability in the field of mathematics and spatial intelligence.

The research carried out identifies the existence of areas in the human brain that correspond to certain spaces of knowledge, all of which are distinct and relatively independent of each other. Here are the various types of intelligence.

Innovating teaching methods


Logical-mathematical intelligence








Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence







Logical-mathematical intelligence

Children with this type of intelligence have very striking problem-solving ability and is often related to a type of non-verbal intelligence, i.e. they can know the answer to a certain problem long before they verbalize it.

To cater this type of intelligence , we have designed activities like solving mysteries or brain teasers, doing puzzles, logic exercises, counting or doing calculations, computer problems and playing strategy games.

Linguistic intelligence

Children with this type of intelligence are skilled and have preferences for activities such as reading, talking, telling stories and jokes, writing poems, learning languages and playing word games. We practice these activities on regular basis.

Spatial Intelligence

This type of intelligence shows patterns that prove the child’s capacity to think in three dimensions. We take activities like solving spatial problems such as drawing and painting, reading maps, looking at pictures, solving mazes, or playing construction games.

Musical Intelligence

It is typical of children with an innate ability to learn different sounds, which translates into a great ability to sing, listen to music ,play instrument, compose songs, enjoy concerts and follow different rhythms. This type of intelligence may notice off-key notes that others do not and can easily memorize songs and tunes. We take vocal music regularly and shlok recitation is done on regular basis.

Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence

It is the ability to use the whole body in the expression of ideas and feelings, and the facility in the use of the hands to transform elements. To develop kinesthetic intelligence , activities like dancing, acting, imitating gestures or expressions, playing sports, running, moving and jumping are taken.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

It distinguishes those who know themselves best. These children like to work independently, set goals and focus on achieving them, understand their feelings and know their strengths and weaknesses. We provide the opportunities through individual project work and leadership roles.

Interpersonal Intelligence

As opposed to intrapersonal intelligence, it is common among kids that are good at talking, working in teams, helping others, mediating conflicts and meeting new people. So activities like debate, projects and culminating activity is taken.

Naturalistic intelligence

Related to the attraction towards environmental issues, plants and animals. Studenta of our school enjoy doing activities such as growing own vegetables, hiking, caring for animals, learning about nature, recycling and caring for the environment.

1. Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure for the academic year 2023– 2024


Nursery to Class X

Forms available online and offline

Fees for forms

From: Monday 21   November 2022.

Submissions of forms (Time)

At: Sr. No:- 59/1B, Bhide Baug, Sinhgad Road, Wadgaon BK, Pune 411041.

Time: Between 09.00am to 12.00 noon ONLY

Documents to be attached

1)Photocopy of birth certificate and photocopy of students UID card (i.e. Aadhar Card)

2) The medical form duly filled after a thought medical examination and signed by a registered medical practitioner.

3) One coloured and latest passport size photograph.

2. Admission Age Criteria

Nursery: 3 years 

Jr. KG.: 4 years

Sr. KG.: 5 years

Std.1 : 6 years